Prices and hunting season dates

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Hunting Season

Our hunting season runs from October 15 through March 31st each year.

Daily Hunts

Our daily hunts for non-members are $150 and that includes five pheasants. If non-members wish to join our club, we'll apply $50 of that initial hunt and apply it to the membership price. See Membership for details and prices of our membership options.

61th Anniversary Special: non members can purchase a 4 man hunt for $150 per man. This includes 20 birds. If you need a guide and dog, they are available for an extra fee of $50 (tip not included). 

Trap Range

$8.50 per round of 25 shells (1 box)

Guide Dog and Handler

Dog and Handler: $50.00 (tip not included)

Meals at the Club

Breakfast: $9.50
Includes 2 eggs, bacon or sausage or ham, hash browns, toast with homemade jelly and coffee

We serve burgers & other sandwiches, and homemade chili or soup

Beverages: $1.00
sodas or coffee

Pre buy your birds

We offer an incentive to members who pre-buy their birds in the Spring. When you pay your membership in March you have the option to buy your birds at a discounted price. 


  • Pheasant: $19.50
  • Partridge: $14.50
  • Quail: $7.00


  • Pheasant: $21.50
  • Partridge: $16.50
  • Quail: $8.00

Members who wait until season starts pay $21.50 and increase .50 each month for feed costs
(at this rate you would pay $24 per bird in March).

Cleaning your birds costs $3 (for quail it is only $1.50). 
We don't carry your birds over from one season to the next as you have six full months to shoot them.