You must wear a blaze orange hat and vest. We recommend that you dress warmly.


We allow only shotguns on the property. You or someone in your group must have a FOID to transport a gun and all hunters must posess on their person an Illinois hunting licence issued by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR). We no longer sell licenses. But it is very easy to obtain one from the DNR office in your county, or even easier to buy one online and the cost is only $7.50. Please click here for hunter safety information offered by the State of Illiois DNR. 

New this year is the apprentice license program. If you are a minor you can hunt one season with your parents, then you must take your hunters safety course if you want to continue to hunt.

We can rent you a shotgun if you don't own one, just call ahead of time and let us know. We can also help you locate a gun for purchase. 

We sell shells for the trap range as well as for hunting.


Ring neck pheasant
Black mongolians
Bobwhite quail
Chukar partridge

Guides & dogs

Brittany Spaniel: Kevin Cook
German Shorthair: John Klem, Jamie Postelwaite
Golden Lab: Bob Phillips, Jack Peppers
Yellow Lab:Butch Navaro
Chocolate Lab: Doug Shuler, John Tomsack